Kitchen Cabinets

What are they?

Kitchen cabinets can make or break the room depending on style, taste, make and fitting. They are compartments fitted into your kitchen in order to safely store a variety of items such as cutlery, food, dishware or gadgets such as juicers and sandwich makers. 

What are they made of?

The most popular material that kitchen cabinets are made of is wood. There is a variety of quality to the wood used, but the best is made from solid wood frames with solid wood or plywood centre panels. Another popular material, which is a more modern style, is glass. There is also a less expensive version of cabinets which are made out of MDF or particle board.

Why have cabinets?

Can be cheap if fitted yourself
Practical as they give the homeowner somewhere to put food and tableware
Can determine the look of the kitchen

Can be expensive
Can make a kitchen look awful if not fitted correctly
One style can go out of fashion and need to be replaced
Basic types

Base: These are standard and rest upon a toe kick on the floor
Wall: An upper cabinet is often twelve inches deep
Tall: Cabinets that are usually larders or storage for the vacuum
Specialty: These can be corner, suspended, wine racks; anything that the homeowner needs

The price of fitted kitchen cabinets can range from relatively cheap if fitted yourself, or can be quite expensive depending on the material used. Cabinets can become more expensive if you hire professionals to fit them in.