Why Your Site Needs SEO Health Checks

SEO can make an enormous difference to your company but only if the execution is correct. It is not enough to just get optimisation for your site; it is imperative to know how it is doing. When getting site optimisation services in the UK, consider the health check aspect as well. An SEO health check will help you get the most out of site optimisation. Conducting SEO health checks will indicate the errors that may affect traffic. Consider this when hiring services for SEO UK. There are a few basics to SEO health checks that every business owner must know about.

Check for Duplicate Content

One of the most important checks is duplicate content. Having similar content on different sites is a common mistake that can cost you valuable traffic. If a search engine thinks that your site’s content is too similar to other pages, then it may omit your site and place it at the end of search results. Do a SEO UK check and see if your site falls into such a category.

Check the Loading Speeds

The loading time of your site has a significant impact. Loading speeds are also parts of SEO health checks. Visitors get impatient when they have to wait for sites to load. Slow speeds will consequently drive away traffic from your site. There are specialised tools that can help run tests to check the speed on a particular site.

Check for Error Messages

A website may start displaying error messages when users try to access it. In some instances, it may be a small problem that lasts a short while. In other cases, however, a site may continue having such issues causing visitors to leave. ‘404 error’, ‘Not Found’ and ‘Timeout’ are some of the most common problems, and you should know if your site has them. Run diagnostics on your site to check if you have error issues and then call your site developer for assistance.

You should hire SEO UK services to provide health checks to your site. Even with the best SEO strategies, it is easy for a site’s rankings to drop if it has issues affecting it.